Pleasure to meet you~
I'm the son of Orihara Izaya! (You must be jealous, hn? Don't worry, even though I have a great dad, my mom sucks.)

Daddy doesn't want me telling my name to strangers so you can call me whatever is appropriate. My dad loves humans and so do I! Everyone except for the monster Shizu-chan and my Mommy. I hate my mom, he's a cunt. But talk to me, ne~?

Magic!Anon Status: None
Relationship Status: Whaa!? I'm too young to be in a relationship!

[ Independent OC Blog for Orihara Izaya and Orihara Hachimenroppi's son. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ]

NOTE: This account is barely active, so if I follow you on the days that I decide to go on this blog, please do not feel forced to write a welcome post for me. The chances that I will respond to you are slim.
Beginning of the End

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His dad commanded him several times in the past to stray away from talking to strangers. But maybe interacting with this one person would be alright…

"Hi! You have weird hair!"